Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Brighten Your Day

I have this friend who is like a grandmother to my kids, she is always willing to listen and supports everyone in all they do. We go see her every Wednesday to take her eggs and this week I decided to bring her something extra to say thank you for all she does for us.

It started with 19 of these

And 19 of these

And all put together-

Thank you, Sandy!


  1. Oh my Sadie! This turned out gorgeous! Wowsers!! Awesome creation!! I came by your from The Cupcake Blog. If you didn't know, you are featured on their blog with this beautiful creation!!


  2. how did you get the cups to stick together this would be a great idea for my mil bday she would love it, thanks for any help you can offer. :)

  3. I came to your blog the same way as Yaneri. Lovely blog, makes me wanna bake immediately :-)The plastic cups are a great idea, thanks for the tip!