Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Natural Cake Color

My daughter turned one today. 

We celebrated this past weekend with family. In our home we try to avoid artificial flavors and colors as much as possible. Usually I make exceptions for holidays and birthdays, but this year I didn't want to subject my 1 year old to so much dye just for a birthday cake.

So I did a little experimenting. And adjusted my buttercream to allow for a more natural way of coloring. 

The Princess' dress is made with pureed strawberry added to the icing. Her brown castle has just a touch of cocoa. The green grass has mashed avocado added in. 

The same colors were used in the cookie for the door and princess. Her yellow hair is royal icing with lemon curd stirred in.

She enjoyed her cookie and cake and I felt much better about her, and her brothers, eating it!

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