Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peacock Parade

I've loved peacocks for as long as I can remember. Getting a pair is on my list of things I want when we move to more land.

So here is my cookie version of the peacock and feathers

I had trouble deciding on one design so I tried a bunch of different ones

I think this one is my favorite.


  1. those are amazing!!! so pretty!!!

  2. I also like the pastel background the best for a cookie. That soft background color seems to give the peacock images more impact. They look highly edible, too! What is the flavor? ***grins***. It might be neat to do floral flavors and colors as the background for the peacock design....orange blossom....fresh ripe peach...rose petal...place you might see peacocks showing off their finery. Wow! You could market them to upscale tea houses!