Monday, January 3, 2011

All About Me

Who am I?

First and foremost I am a mom and teacher to my 5 beautiful children-

But I am also a baker. I love to cook and bake and decorate. I love to make treats for my family and friends. I make birthday cakes and holiday treats for friends who want them.

Why Morning Glory?

We live on an acre and a half in East Tennessee. I grow food and flowers every year. About 4 years ago I planted a couple morning glory seed around my front deck. Now they have self seeded and taken over. Front yard, back yard, animal yard. But they are so pretty and bring in the humming birds and pollinators so I don't mind.

I try to use the best and most natural ingredients in my cooking. I get my eggs like this:

And one day soon I hope to get my milk and butter like this:

And I love to share what I make and create, so I hope you enjoy the recipes!

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